Advertising on the Victory Riders Network

The Victory Riders Network will deliver your banner ad on almost all its pages. Additionally, advertising with the Victory Riders Network puts your ad on ALL of the Victory Riders Network sites which includes the Victory-Riders Social Network, Vision-Riders, Hammer-Riders, Kingpin-Riders and Vegas-Riders.

If your business would like to advertise on our sites contact us, or follow the links below to subscribe today. Ads are subject to approval by the Victory Riders Network.

How we display Banner Ads

  1. Ads rotate on the page every 20 seconds
  2. The first ad to appear on a page is selected at random
  3. Because of our unique and proprietary way of delivering banner ads, your ad will be seen an average of 10 times more by a visitor on any ONE Victory Riders Network site, than the same ad being rendered by the "traditional" methods used by most websites with similar traffic.


  1. GIF (non-transparent only) or JPG graphics only
  2. Animated Gifs are OK
  3. 460 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  4. 25k max file size
  5. Maximum of 15 seconds animation (the ads display for 20 seconds), looping OK
  6. Ads must reside on our server

Advertising Rates

  1. Subscription to our advertising program is done via Paypal.
  2. $100/month ($250/3-months) (automatically renewed via Paypal on the 1st of each month for that month)
  3. We can create the Banner Ad if you like. Additional charge of $50/ad.


If you have any questions of need assistance creating a banner ad, please contact us.

If you already have a banner ad that meets the above specifications, please email it to

In order to allow enough time to get your account set up, and if needed get your banner ad graphic created, you will be invoiced for your subscription 7 days after signing up. This appears as a "trial" period in PayPal, but your ad will be posted as soon as your account and the banner ad graphic are ready, usually within 3 business days after receiving your ad.

1. Select Graphic Option:

2. Select Banner Option:  then click