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Getting Ready To Buy...
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Posted 2008-02-05 9:21 AM (#4921)
Subject: Getting Ready To Buy...


Posts: 256
This is my first post to this forum and am sure, not my last.

I'm getting ready to purchase a Victory Vision Tour Premium with every available option. I'm one of those who believes you don't have to know how to build a bike to ride one and it seems that most of the Victory dealers, although very friendly, are more aware of the particulars of the engine than they are of the electronics. I'm fortunate that I live in an area where this bike is readily available and will most likely make my purchase within the next day or two.

The main difficulty I'm having right now has to do with various electronic features. Here's what I'm attempting to accomplish:

I told the dealer that I would like to find a solution to utilizing the VV's intercom system for rider/passenger communication. I figured the VV's "wired" solution would most likely be the most trouble-free. However, I would like to have the ability to use my Bluetooth phone to receive incoming phone calls. I really don't want to talk on the phone while riding, but in case of emergency, when on a long trip, I want to make sure I can be reached. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to utilize a phone's Bluetooth connection to receive incoming calls without having to press a lot of buttons while driving? I just want the ability to press a button to answer an incoming call and to press a button to end a call.

It seems that although the VV is designed to work with technology add-ons, it appears the dealers are not well trained with these new features. I'm getting the feeling that I will be an "experiment" for the dealer...and that doesn't sit well with me (for a bike in this price range) as I don't want to have to go back and forth getting the bike tweaked. So, since I haven't yet made the purchase, I made it very clear to the dealer that he has to guarantee his work on the electronics. He's a bit reluctant, but I figure it's easier to get this guarantee prior to purchasing than having to complain afterwards.

Also, I'm reading conflicting reports about the connection to an iPod. The conclusion I've reached by reading this message board is that the VV iPod harness is designed to work best with the 2nd Generation iPod Nano...not the current (3rd Generation) Nano. Apple is no longer selling the 2nd generation Nano and have moved on to the new unit.

Does anyone have any experience or guidance on which iPod works best with the VV? Will it operate as promised with the new iPod Nano and be able to advance to the next song or pause without having to reboot?

Thanks for your help.
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Posted 2008-02-05 9:53 AM (#4922 - in reply to #4921)
Subject: RE: Getting Ready To Buy...


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I think the Bluetooth is really confusing to a lot of people. The helmet is just a Nolan N102 N-Com with a Victory decal on it. You sync it to your phone and that's it. When a call comes in you push a button on the helmet and you're talking. Push the same button to hang-up. There is no "bluetooth" box added to the bike. You could walk around with your helmet on and your phone in your pocket and talk away on the phone. I don't have the CB/intercom system so I don't know what happens if you are wired together with your passenger and a call comes in. I know that if I bought my wife the same bluetooth helmet I could talk to her wirelessly.

There may be one or two guys on this forum who have the full Bluetooth/CB/intercom system but I'd call J&M and talk to one of their engineers about how it all ties together. The owner of J&M just bought a Vision so they are hard at work designing aftermarket stuff for the bike. Great group of guys.

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Posted 2008-02-05 11:02 AM (#4924 - in reply to #4921)
Subject: Re: Getting Ready To Buy...


Posts: 496
Scottsdale AZ
I've been full circle a couple of times with this com/blue tooth,ipod stuff. Here is where I am with installation tomorrow. I do have the N102 Nolan helmets for both my wife and I. First, I found buying the Garmin Zumo 550 is a key component, because, 1) It will "pair" with your phone for Blue/tooth, 2) It has XM radio (you don't need to buy the Victory XM which is $400) 3) You can load all of your music on the Zumo, either to the hard drive with limited capacity or to a SD memory card which will hold 1000 tunes. This eliminates the need for the Victory Ipod kit-cord. 4) J& M, is working on the Vision system, with the Zumo unit, to develop a "harness" that will make everything wireless that should be ready the last part of the year. 5) Its a great GPS system.

On the communications side, you need the Kit-Harness, Audio Pk (2076143), the Comm headset (2876118) and the Kit-Comm CB,PT (2876117) for passenger/rider. The CB antenna is additional if you want the CB thing.
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Posted 2008-02-05 12:26 PM (#4928 - in reply to #4921)
Subject: Re: Getting Ready To Buy...


Posts: 266
Stockton, Ca.
I recently purchased 2 Blueant bluetooth helmet setups which fit to any helmet. They work great. I paired 1 to my phone and then paired the 2 headsets to each other. Passenger and I can hold a conversation, voice activated or other riders can use for bike to bike communication. Works up to 500 feet away for headset to headset or about 40 feet when using with the phone. When I am using it with the phone it can be answered by voice also, no need to push any buttons. The mic is noise canceling so the sound is clear and easy to use. Purchased from a post on ebay for 219.00 for both headsets. Highly recommended...
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Posted 2008-02-05 1:37 PM (#4929 - in reply to #4921)
Subject: Re: Getting Ready To Buy...


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As my tattoo says, Freedom thru Victory" I just can't imagine getting a phone call riding the Dragon's Tail.
Have you seen the story in the magazines about the lady "trying" to break her cellphone addiction. Sounds worse than Heroin to me.
But with the number of accidents today from cellphone use I doubt man will survive another 50,000 like he has without one.
I will check my cellphone for missed calls when I stop thank you.
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mike s
Posted 2008-02-05 3:43 PM (#4932 - in reply to #4921)
Subject: Re: Getting Ready To Buy...


Posts: 223
Valdosta, GA
Being both Active Duty and a parent of two pre-teen children, my cell phone is a must. I hate being attached to the damned things, but I can't simply throw them out, either. Bluetooth connections give me the freedom to ride without having to worry about whether or not I miss the important call from either Uncle Sam or my kids. True, I can always check on stops, but with the Vision, I find running 2-3 hours between stops is pretty easy. I cannot have a call be missed for that long.

However, I absolutely refuse to have any type of wires or cords connecting my head to a motorcycle and I want bike-to-bike comm (preferably FRS/GRMS) for group rides and when my wife is on her bike. The ultimate setup for me would then be an FRS/GMRS setup that installs on the bike with built-in Bluetooth capability for wireless helmets.

I've been waiting for the Chatterbox XB-1, which was supposed to be released in late 06, but has been delay until "Summer 08". It incorporates a central unit that attaches to the bike and a very small unit that mounts to a helmet. It has been advertised to contain everything I want in a comm system.

I also spoke at length about this with engineers at Victory. I was told since they already had a CB system for the Vision, they hadn't looked into anything like what I had described. I let them know a setup like this, that could be installed on the STREET version as well as the Tour, would likely sell well as there is nothing else like it on the market.
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