2008 oil change interval
Posted 2023-05-01 3:23 PM (#193171)
Subject: 2008 oil change interval

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My owners manual says every 2,500 miles...REALLY?

Yeah, I'm a cheap SOB but that seems like a surprisingly short oil change interval, especially on a modern machine....thoughts?
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Posted 2023-05-02 12:26 AM (#193172 - in reply to #193171)
Subject: Re: 2008 oil change interval


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This is a quote by KevinX, one of the best Victory mechanics in the country:

"Don't care who's oil you run; in a no synchro Vic trans. Shift quality falls off around 3K. When moving to a full synth oil. You may move that point out 500 miles, but as also proven by many; you may shorten your clutch life"

You can read the whole discussion here:

Type in oil thread interval in the search bar at the top of the page and educate yourself out about how cheap you want to be with a 2008 model.

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Posted 2023-05-08 3:02 PM (#193173 - in reply to #193171)
Subject: RE: 2008 oil change interval

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I bought my 2008 new, and started out following the recommended interval. Eventually I stretched it out to 4K and have not had any issues and am now at just shy of 80K. Once I tried going out to 5K and noticed that the shifting got harder which made me believe that was going too far. With all of the controversy over using various oils, I've always used OEM Vic oil.

I will add that other than occasionally pulling a 500lb camping trailer I am not very hard on the bike.

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Posted 2023-09-18 9:41 PM (#193177 - in reply to #193171)
Subject: Re: 2008 oil change interval


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I bought my 2008 Vision new. I ran the victory oil at first, changing it at the recommended 2500 miles. It was obvious to me that the oil was shot by 2500 miles because the bike just didn't want to shift smooth. Fresh oil, and it would be back to normal. After the first year, I switched to full synthetic Amsoil. I have been changing it every 5000 miles ever since, and the bike still shifts great even with 5000 miles on the oil. I've had my bike to 140 mph a few times (Lloydz cams and other goodies), and on the dragstrip several times. The original clutch is still going strong.
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