Odometer quit
Posted 2018-09-28 8:43 PM (#192700)
Subject: Odometer quit

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I just bought a '08 Vision today! I got it from a widow selling her husbands toys. She took it to the nearest dealer to have the starter fixed so she could sell it. They warned me that it was acting up but before I could finish the test drive, it had completely quit.

Do you think something could be loose? Ideas on tracking down the culprit?

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Posted 2018-09-30 9:52 AM (#192704 - in reply to #192700)
Subject: RE: Odometer quit


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Possibly, it could be battery related. Is the battery old and maybe weak? Did anyone have to jump start the bike?

I would clean and tighten all battery cable connections, at both ends. That includes the ground connection to the frame.

Another good possibility if it "completely quit" is the main circuit breaker. These are known to fail, and are easily available at any parts store.

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Posted 2018-09-30 6:27 PM (#192705 - in reply to #192700)
Subject: Re: Odometer quit


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write Rylan he will get back to you in a day or 2

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